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This was an interesting project and very different to the projects I've previously worked on for a number of reasons; a different platform (MS SQL Server), a different application (CareNotes), and a different industry (Healthcare).

I was part of a team that had been given the task of migrating data for a number of NHS trusts, from their current systems to their new Advanced Health and Care, CareNotes system. I was given the responsibility of managing the data migration for one particular NHS trust, although I also helped out on a few others as project deadlines necessitated.

I've been involved in numerous data migration projects throughout my career but never on this scale; the sheer volume of data was quite staggering. And in terms of timescales I've previously been used to data migration projects taking a few weeks so a project that lasts over a year is certainly an eye-opener.

Not only did the project introduce me to a new platform, etc it also introduced me to working with a larger organisation and the level of planning and discussions that are required for this scale of project. The NHS team I was working with were a great bunch with some really switched on folks.

The CareNotes system I was migrating data to is a web based application over an MS SQL Server database, and the project taught be quite a few new skills not least of which was my SQL skills that are now considerably improved plus the tooling, this was the first time I've used SSMS and it is a good bit of kit!




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