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Industry: Steel Reinforcement

BRC Ltd is a leading manufacturer of engineered steel products with a long and successful history of serving the construction, mining and associated industries.

They first implemented the Chorus Finance and Distribution systems in 1993 and at the time they had 12 UK depots that were migrated to the solution. During the 20 years I had dealings with BRC I was involved in over 30 projects.

The original project involved the development of a new Contract Management System that linked in to the Chorus Distribution System.

As a high-level overview the Contract Management System allowed products and prices agreed with the customer to be maintained. The products were defined within the contract management system as a series of steel bar shapes, grades, diameters and lengths. The solution that was designed and developed was very specific to BRC and the steel manufacturing industry.

BRC became a member of the Celsa Group and in the latter years my involvement with them was based predominantly around a number of integration projects between the Chorus Distribution system and their new group SAP system.

Key Projects:

  • Development of a bespoke contract management system specific to the steel reinforcment industry, fully integrated with the Chorus Finance and Distribution systems
  • Integration between the Chorus contract management and SAP finance systems

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