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Interbrew UK Ltd
Industry: Drinks

Interbrew UK Ltd was part of the world’s largest brewer and then became known as Inbev UK part of the global AB InBev company.

I was involved in the implementation of the Chorus Finance and Distribution across an Irish business unit within Interbrew UK Ltd and that comprised of five separate depots.

The initial implementation involved a number of significant modifications to the Chorus Distribution system. These changes were tailored specifically to the Brewing and Alcohol Distribution industry and eventually gave rise to the Chorus Drinks vertical solution.

Some of the more significant changes include the following projects:

  • Development of an industry specific pricing and discount solution, which provided (amongst other things) a user-definable retrospective discount solution based on value and/or volume.
  • Development of an Ullage (bad beer) and returns system, tailored to the Drinks industry.
  • Integration to their existing reporting solution, supplying, mapping and manipulating data from the Chorus system.
  • Integration point from the Chorus Delivery Confirmation entry process.
  • Integration points from the Chorus Delivery Confirmation and Sales Invoice printing processes.
  • Integration between their Chorus solution and EDI VAN.
  • Integration from Chorus to their group JDE solution

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