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St Austell Brewery
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St Austell Brewery is a family owned brewery founded in 1851 by Walter Hicks in St Austell, Cornwall, England. The brewery's flagship beer is Tribute Ale, which accounts for around 80% of sales. St Austell Brewery is also the South West’s leading wholesale supplier to the licensed hospitality sector, delivering beers, lagers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks to nearly 5000 bars, restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs in South West England.

I was involved pretty much from the start of the sales process with St Austell Brewery, involved in both presentations and Q&A sessions as part of their software solution selection process.

As soon as St Austell Brewery chose the Chorus solution I was assigned to manage both the implementation of the solution and the development of additional software changes identified during the gap analysis phase of the sales process.

I was chosen not only for my product knowledge and business understanding that had been gained during the tender process, but also for the relationship I had developed with the senior management team, and their project team.

The project took 19 months to come to fruition and my involvement was always direct to ensure the agreed schedule could be met and the scope of the project was regularly reviewed, understood and managed. The Chorus solution has now been in full operation for over 10 years and has involved many additional developments that has seen St Austell Brewery run 90% of their entire operation on this solution platform.

I have continued to be involved with the St Austell Brewery IT team and manage the vast majority of projects relating to the Chorus solution and the positive relationship with the many departments of the St Austell Brewery business.

Key Projects:

  • Part of the team that developed the Chorus Drinks vertical solution, building on the work already developed for Interbrew UK Ltd.
  • Integration with a Voice Picking System, providing a feed from Chorus and taking a feed into Chorus once the goods have been picked.
  • Development of an inter-depot transfer facility integrated with the existing picking, loading and routing modules.
  • Introduce a new ‘Available To Promise’ system built into the Chorus Drinks solution, allowing the order taker to immediately offer the customer all possible options should the product be out of stock.
  • Implementation and modification of the Chorus Controlled Warehouse solution to meet St Austell Brewery’ specific requirements, which include; bulk picking, replenishment locations, and immediate picking.
  • Numerous API’s in to the Chorus Drinks solution including; goods receipts, purchase orders and purchase invoices.
  • Numerous changes to the Chorus Promotion Module.

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